Private & Semi-private Classes are now available

at Yoga Path Catskill Studio

​Weather permitting, a class outdoors might be the best choice.  If you have a back yard, or a deck where we can be 6 feet + apart, we can consider it. When too hot though, it is not safe to practice outdoors.

​It is with a lot of care that we prepared Yoga Path Studio to open its door for you. For now, we are allowed to operate with less than 50% capacity, following the guidelines bellow.

Please read them prior to schedule your class and don't hesitate to reach out if any questions.

The gov. guidelines state that we must not exhibit symptoms that could potentially lead to or be a sign of having Covid-19 for 2 weeks prior to your class. If you have any symptoms below, please do not schedule a class.  Symptoms such as:

Fever or chills


Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing


Muscle or body aches


New loss of taste or smell

Sore throat

Congestion or runny nose

Nausea or vomiting


Upon arriving, you will be asked to sign in, stating that you have not had any symptoms in the past 2 weeks.

​Please come in one at the time, and remove your shoes before leaving the green yoga mat on the entrance.

​Temperatures will be taken when you first come in.

 6 feet apart it is!  When not possible, as when you come in, to wear a mask is necessary. No exceptions.

The floor will be marked with a green tape. Please place your mats in one of the places designated for them and stay put after leaving anything you won’t need in the back room.  There are hangers in the back room, please hang your belongings, so that the floor is free.

Please bring your own yoga mats and props. In order to keep it all very neat, bring only what is necessary. The floors will be cleaned between each session as all surfaces touched.

In the event you need to borrow any props, please let me know in advance.

When all are in their own yoga mats, 6 feet + apart, you may choose to remove your masks for the yoga practice. This is when we all have to be extra careful. If one goes to the bathroom, a mask must be on. If not 6 feet apart a mask must be on.

Since the bathroom is a common area, other professionals will have clients that may be using it. (Not on Friday, Saturday or Sunday), so you will find it properly sanitized for you.

If you need to use the bathroom,  please sanitize before and after yourself.  I will sanitize it before and after sessions.  This way we will all tip in for a safe place. Proper products and paper towels will be there for you.


Please note, these guidelines are not a recommendation.

They have been posted on the NY.GOV website and are mandatory for all of us.

Looking forward to being your presence to share the ancient practice of yoga.

Be well!!

Juliana Machado

Yoga Path Founder and Director