A native of Brazil, Juliana moved to New York in 2000 where she was introduced to yoga.  She has taken 4 yoga teacher trainings since then:  Ashtanga Primary Series a 200 Hour TT (2001), Forrest Yoga a 200 Hour TT (2006), and "Life of a Yogi" 500 Hour TT with Sri Dharma Mittra (2012), and the 800 Hour “Life of a Yogi” with Sri Dharma Mittra (2013).  Juliana considers herself to be a lifelong student who is lucky enough to share and teach her lessons learned on this sacred science with all those who wish to receive it. 


She has taught in New York, Florida, California and in South America for the past 21 years. Juliana believes yoga is the "house of no judgment" where one of the best things a student can do is to practice as often as possible and never give up. 


In 2017 Juliana moved to the Village of Catskill to open Yoga Path for Healing, AKA Yoga Path Catskill.  Her teaching style comes from a belief in empowerment of the higher self and observance of the yoga ethical rules on and off the mat.  She tailors her classes to fit needs of the ones in the room, so everyone in her class receives the maximum benefit from their time spent on the mat. 


With a background in contemporary dance and awareness through the movement, Juliana blends her artistic experience with her love of yoga, creating a unique space for self-exploration and discovery through the practice and power of yoga.

Juliana believes it is a blessing to be a part of this community and to share yoga with so many beautiful beings. Please join in studio or at an upcoming international retreat. 


Jen especially loves sharing yoga with people who think yoga is not for them. The “I’m

not flexible” and the “My mind won’t calm down” crowds are her favorite students

because she was (and many times still is) that very person. Jen truly believes that yoga

is for everyone and that if you are willing to put yourself out there and give it a try, yoga

CAN be for you.

Yoga Path is a truly warm and welcoming space for everyone and a tremendous asset to

the community. Jen is beyond ecstatic to be sharing this space with Juliana and all of

the other teachers who will be bringing their unique energy and practice to Yoga Path.


I lived in Greene County for 20+ years.  I currently live in Schoharie.  I’ve worked for NYS for 22 years.  Looking for a creative outlet and to explore my spirituality I took the 200 hr teacher training at Yoga Path Catskill taught by Juliana Machado (2021-2022).

The teacher training has unleashed a passion for spiritual exploration.  For many years I’ve been in love with holistic methods of health and wellness.  I believe that Yoga incorporates health and wellness for the mind body and soul.  I believe that applying the philosophies of yoga help you live a fulfilling and rewarding life.

Another draw to the teacher training was to improve strength and flexibility.  I’m amazed by how much is gained by yoga poses.  

I’m so excited to continue my journey on the yoga path to see where it takes me.  I’m inspired to share what I’m learning along the way. 


Tanya was born and raised in the Catskills. She found yoga while living in NYC and for many years enjoyed exploring the multitude of studios and lineages of yoga available there. Returning to her hometown during the wild times of 2020, she dove deeper into her yoga practice, searching for some balance. Tanya crossed paths with Juliana in 2021 and knew immediately that she wanted to pursue her teacher training at Yoga Path for Healing. Tanya completed her 200hr YTT in August 2022 and is looking forward to helping others find steadiness and ease through Yoga. 


Laura has been practicing yoga for over 20 years, and is a yoga teacher who is excited to introduce this life affirming practice to others. Intro to Yoga pre-registration required for the 4 Week Serie. Mondays Sep. 12th - Oct. 3 at 5:30PM